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X-PHY® Server Defender – a PCIe Card Hardware Module that Features AI Embedded Hardware Security With Instant Restoration For Ultimate Zero Day Protection. 

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World’s First Full Stack Cybersecurity Solution For Servers & Data Centers

X-PHY® Server Defender

Monitor. Defend. Restore.
Against the Unseen.

X-PHY® Server Defender is a PCIe card hardware module anchored in the system’s hardware and firmware that provides standalone full-stack cybersecurity solution.

An incident, detection, and response solution like no other, X-PHY® Server Defender is the world’s first system that protects all 7 layers of the OSI network model for holistic, proactive, and uninterrupted protection.


Think you’re Covered? Think Again

Current solutions suffer from many vulnerabilities. In the lucrative cybercrime world of data center and server attacks, this weakness is best demonstrated by the rising numbers of successful breaches in recent years. Your weak spots are known to cybercriminals, and constantly exploited.


Enter Server Defender

In a world struggling to cope with the onslaught of cyberattacks, we have the answer. X-PHY® Server Defender introduces unprecedented full architecture security to data centers and servers. Assuring round-the-clock protection, response, near-zero downtime and instant reversion capabilities. Its capabilities include:

Comprehensive security across entire server architecture

Real-time monitoring and threat detection

Minimal disruptions to existing server setup

Agility to grow and adapt with changing security requirements

Enhanced data security through custom-
defined hash function


Patented Matrix Shield

X-PHY® Server Defender leverages our patented matrix algorithm, which breaks down all objects and files into fundamental numeric representations. This means cybercriminals have nowhere to hide, and are stripped of their disguises. It functions as a self-contained, independent system with its own OS, constantly monitoring even the most minute changes. The Matrix Shield enables proactive real-time threat detection and seamless live reversion – guaranteeing zero downtime even in the face of file or system corruption.

Be Proactive, Be Prepared

Real-Time Incident Response

Acts as the First Line of Defense with real-time monitoring and response to threat vectors. Securing your digital landscape, our vigilant system ensures safety against evolving cyber threats.

Proactive Live Anomaly Detection

Autonomously detects real-time alternations continuously from system start-up to shutdown. Safeguarding your system 24/7, our autonomous detection ensures uninterrupted protection against potential risks

Uninterrupted Instant Restoration

Achieving Zero downtime with instant restoration for optional functionality Experience uninterrupted operations; our swift restoration guarantees seamless server functionality without compromising efficiency.

Use Case

Next-Gen Data Center Security

Designed for Today’s Data Centers. Engineered for Current & Future Threats.
Data drives the digital economy, with over 94% of companies worldwide utilizing cloud computing in their operations.
Consequently, data centers have become a prime target for cyber attacks as cybercriminals seek larger payoffs by targeting a repository of data instead of launching singular attacks.

X-PHY® canvases the entire spectrum of touch points to proactively and intelligently detect and respond to threats. Equipped with instant recovery capabilities, Server Defender ensures you have minimal downtime while keeping your infrastructure and your customer’s assets safe.

It addresses current and emerging threats.

Use Case

Ultra-Fortified Enterprise Servers

Tailored for Your Business. A Sentinel in Your Own Backyard.
In-house servers are faced with the major concern of ensuring physical security in order to prevent unauthorised access. As your business and IT infrastructure scales, there is a need to expand your security systems in tandem.

X-PHY® Server Defender standalone and scalable capabilities ensure that as your business grows, so does your security posture.

It addresses current and emerging threats.


A Step Ahead of Zero Day

X-PHY® Server Defender AI-powered Matrix Shield technology delivers true Zero Day Protection across all seven network layers, ensuring that even the most creative attackers have no chance of exploiting outdated and vulnerable security methods or procedures.

An incident, detection, and response solution like no other, X-PHY® Server Defender is the world’s first system that protects all 7 layers of the OSI network model for holistic, proactive, and uninterrupted protection.

Zero Day Attacks
The most critical and elusive threats in the Digital Realm.
Find out what we are offering

A Glance at Our Tech

Swift detection and autonomous real-time response to threats via our patented Matrix Shield technology, Server Defender delivers perpetual monitoring and defense. With integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the processor actively acquires new data from the bus system and employs it, along with the retrieved databases, to discern whether any security violation is unfolding within the hardware components. Configured to discern and identify anomalies within the data, the processor flags a security violation when the number of detected anomalies surpasses a predefined threshold.

X-PHY® Server Defender Rapid Recovery Engine stands as the first line of defense against system failures, file corruption, or critical setting changes. It ensures instant response, minimizing downtime and ensuring the continuity of your operations. It’s Automated Rollback Guardian adds an extra layer of protection by automatically reverting your system to a functioning version should attacks occur.

It thwarts ongoing attacks and restores normal operations seamlessly. Incursion are dealt with swiftly, damage is limited and downtime is minimized.

The X-PHY® Server Defender security module stands as an independent entity, fortified within a sealed environment, communicating solely through the PCIe protocol. It comprises an interface seamlessly integrating with the host device’s bus system, a high-performance processor, and a non-transitory storage medium housing executable instructions.

This enables the autonomous processor to meticulously scrutinize and evaluate anomalies across the complete spectrum of bus lanes and memory chipsets within a diverse array of infrastructures and systems.

Incident Response

X-PHY® Threat Response Timeline


X-PHY® Server Defender is a groundbreaking standalone full stack cybersecurity solution anchored in the system’s hardware and firmware.

Cutdown Time

Restore system in a single click with automated, full architecture recovery.

Eliminate Malware

Avoid reintroducing malware by recovering full system architecture to a known-secure state.

Recover Anywhere

Restore to any virtual or physical hardware. Simplify OS provisioning.

Recover Anywhere
Restore to any virtual or physical hardware. Simplify OS provisioning.


Development Phases

An incident, detection, and response solution like no other, X-PHY® Server Defender is the world’s first system that protects all 7 layers of the OSI network model for holistic, proactive, and uninterrupted protection.

Phase-1: Full Architecture Attack Surface Reduction

Q1 2024

Data Bus Sentinel

Monitor read and write operations to RAM, ensuring data security.

Web Portal

Access a user-friendly web portal to monitor and track DMA attacks.

Real-Time Security

Identify and report anomalous threats in real-time.

Rapid Recovery

Restore the system to its uncompromised state, ensuring business continuity.

Phase-2: Full Architecture Attack Surface Reduction

Q2 2024

Detection & Response

X-PHY® Server Defender detects attacks that bypass event or log-based monitoring, enriches SIEM, SOAR, and other SOC tools with real-time threat detection, and connects threats across On-Prem/hybrid environments in a single view.

Rollback & Tracking

It automatically rolls back malicious changes and offers granular rollback support in a single console.

360° Shield

X-PHY® Server Defender DMA Monitoring and extends protection against a wide range of malware threats, including (Fuzzers, Analysis, Backdoors, DoS, Exploits, Generic, Reconnaissance, Shellcode, and Worms).


X-PHY® Server Defender swiftly identifies and recovers from ransomware attacks, minimizing business disruptions.

Phase-3: Application Layer Security

Q4 2024


Fortify your software against JavaScript vulnerabilities.

Payload Attack

Protect your applications from payload attacks with our advanced defense mechanisms.

Firewall Query

Utilize machine learning to actively filter legitimate and malicious firewall queries, enhancing network security.

URL Safeguard

Detect and block malicious URLs, securing your users from online threats.


X-PHY Server Defender Module 1 Year Warranty
X-PHY Management Console Yearly Licensing

Early Access Q1-Q4 2024


Try X-PHY® Server Defender with Early Access Program

Get Early Access To X-PHY® Server Defender To Protect Your Data Centers And Enterprise Servers.
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